What is trademark classification (trademark class)?

India follows the system of ‘International Classification of Goods and Services’, also known as ‘Nice Classification’ for the purpose of registering trademarks. The Nice Classification is originated from a Nice Agreement among the participated counties on 15th June 1957 conducted in a place called ‘Nice’ in France. The counties who became party to the agreement had constituted a Special Union and adopted common classification of goods and services for the purpose of registration of trademarks in the respective country. 

A county chooses the accession to the Nice Agreement in adherence to the terms. Counties party to the Nice Agreement is represented in the Committee of Experts set up by the Agreement. The Committee organizes it’s session every year and decides on any changes to be incorporated in the Nice Classification. New editions and versions of Classification are published in every five years and every year respectively. 

The Goods and Services sold in different businesses are classified into 45 Classes. Any Goods sold are classified in one of the Classes from 1 to 34. A Service sold is classified in one of the Classes from 35 to 45. We will help you finalize the trademark class required for the application. Once you clearly list your goods/ products and services you offer under the trademark, we shall suggest the class/ classes you need to apply.