It started a little above 2 decades ago in 1995. We conceived ‘Intellectual Properties’ as the most valuable idea for every business to grow. Our journey was to innovate new values in our clients’ business. We had to create new inroads. As we got ahead in time we naturally learned the whole lot of what our clients want. Our clients taught us more relevant lessons than management schools. Over the years, we have related with our clients, understood their concerns, corrected ourselves, improved and evolved into a solution provider, rather than a service provider.

We reimagined our clients’ business

Our point of view is that brands (trademarks) have a crucial role in building businesses. Copyright, Industrial Designs and Patents also can accelerate a business to great heights, so to be preserved with all best capabilities and possibilities. Hence, innovation, technology and management skills should be used in shaping the trademark and other IPR management effectively. This can be achieved by taking it beyond the usual patterns. Customer feedbacks, professional traditions and technologies added milestone values to our history.

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