TROM, a first-of-its-kind system, comes to you with convenient features and user friendly functioning. TROM offers a combination of legal compliance of procedure and online management of trademarks.

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Price of the service is determined by few factors:

 Input cost
 Required quality standards
 Period of process (The duration is dependent on the characteristics of the trademark and applicable law)
 Cost of processes to be conducted during such period
 Services to be provided during such period
 Cost of delivering services through such period
 Value the service offered and problem it solves

TROM being a remarkably unique product with its unique functionalities, price is not comparable.

However, TROM adopts economy pricing for wide usage. TROM also offers one-time-charge-advantage. This means there is no stage-wise charges as it proceeds. A fixed cost on a standard procedure and process make it a fair pricing.

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