We invite business professionals- CA, CS, Lawyers, Brand consultants, Media agencies, Strategy advisors, Brand designers, Industrial designers etc. Partnering with us gives you a unique value to offer- advanced IPR management system to your clients. We cater to clients of all industries from India and global markets.

We specialize with systems and solutions for Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) in business.

This is the unique IPR service portal in India. Here we introduce you to the Indian innovations for IPR management.  

Trademark Registration & Online Management(TROM) is a process driven IT enabled trademark system along with law services by specialised attorneys. 

Also we present Copyright Registration & Online Management(CROM) and Design Registration & Online Management(DROM) to the businesses in India. These are one-of-it’s-kind technology products combined with proficient law services. 

Most importantly, these services are available through a unique login account to each client, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Our portal has the potential to add value to your clients’ businesses, and in turn your goodwill pays good.

If you are into any B2B professional function, you can be our natural network partner.

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