This video shows how convenient to use your online account here to register and manage trademarks. It's just easy.

 TROM is a technology platform operated through a unique login account to each user.
 Once an order for service is placed in our system, an automated email is sent to the registered email id of the client. The email will give unique login details of the user.
 User can visit and login to own account any time.
 The step by step procedure of trademark registration is attended by specialised attorneys from time to time.
 Every development taking place about each application in the process get updated in the login account.
 Receive SMS alerts on the registered mobile number and real-time process updates on the registered email id.
 Can use various in-built process features in the login account as per the need.
 All requisite support through the process are provided by our Client Info Cell department.
 Track the real time effect of each trademark application in the login account.
 For the existing trademark applications, one can use the facility ‘eDoc Locker’, where all earlier trademark documents can be saved and retrieved.
 Manage the life-cycle of trademarks from one online account through generations.

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