Choose the package that suits your business

Internet popular product

Incomplete, so not recommended


₹4500 Govt. fees + GST included

Add-on product


GST included

MSME/ Startup/ Proprietorship



₹4500 Govt. fees + GST included




₹9000 Govt. fees + GST included


Superior solution


₹9000 Govt. fees + GST included

Which package is best for me?

Choice of the most suitable package depends on the size of enterprise you represent.

The 1st product “Apply Trademark”  is the common product on internet. This is an incomplete product. It covers only the initial step of filing a trademark application and getting rights to use ‘TM’. One got to buy ‘Add-on product’ to take the process beyond ‘TM’ stage for registration.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th products “Register Trademark” cover  complete procedure from filing a trademark application till registration. It covers every procedure step in the standard procedure. In 2nd, 3rd and 4th product, there is no stage-wise additional cost during the entire standard procedure

How do I chose one right package among 2nd, 3nd and 4th packages?

2nd package is for a Proprietorship or for any enterprise with Startup certificate or MSME Certificate (Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises)

3rd package is for Non-MSME. This is for an enterprise bigger than MSME. Government fees is ₹4500 higher for such applicants. TROM features are exclusive for 2nd and 3rd package for the complete procedure as shown in these products.

4th package is for Corporates or enterprises who require advanced features in their trademark package. It covers every step in the standard procedure for trademark registration. TROM features are most exclusive to manage big number of applications at ease with highest efficiency in the trademark department. Services are advanced for Corporate package.


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