These 12 Questions and Answers are packed with ideas for your trademark and business.


What is trademark in a business?

A brand name, word, symbol, image, label, logo, device, artwork, graphical design, proprietary name...


Why is trademark registration important for any business?

Trademark is an effective marketing tool to help grow a business, thereby, trademarks must be protected...


Who can apply for trademark registration?

The owner of a trademark (brand owner) can apply for registration. Individual, Proprietor, Joint applicants...


What are the basic details required to file a trademark application for registration?

Trademark word or Trademark label (logo) copy. Name of Applicant, Address & few details...


What are the facts one should know about trademark registration procedure?

Trademark registration is the legal procedure to acquire lawful rights of trademark ownership...


What is trademark classification (trademark class)?

India follows the system of 'International Classification of Goods and Services', also known as 'Nice Classification'...


Who will prepare reply to objections, if the trademark application faces any objections at the time of Examination under trademark law?

Specialized attorney firm 'IPR Law Associates' will prepare the reply to objections and file the reply...


Who will attend Show Cause hearing, if my trademark application receives a hearing notice?

Specialized attorney authorised by 'IPR Law Associates' shall attend Show Cause hearing as needed...


How long does it take to get a trademark processed?

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What are the factors affecting the time duration for trademark registration?

Application should be prepared carefully to get the 'Formality Check'(1st stage in the procedure)...


How is the trademark registration procedure flow?

Trademark Registration Procedure is divided into two parts; Standard Procedure and Opposition Procedure. Both are highlighted here in different colours to understand easily.


What do we offer for trademarks at this portal?

Efficient law services required for trademark registration procedure and best technology solutions...

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