Basic Info on Trademark Classification for easy learning

India follows ‘International Classification of Goods and Services’, also known as ‘Nice Classification’ for the purpose of registering trademarks. The Goods and Services sold in different businesses are classified into 45 Classes. Goods are classified in Class number 1 to 34. Services are classified in Class number 35 to 45.

The content of describing a class here is only to make class-wise understanding easy. The exact Goods/ Services description in a Trademark application will be drafted as per the approved version of the ‘International Classification of Goods and Services’.

We will suggest you the applicable trademark class(es) once you mention the goods and services you offer under a trademark.

Class 1

Mainly chemical products used in any industry; chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs like salt for preserving (other than foodstuff) vinegar; putties and other paste fillers;vitamins for use in the manufacture of food supplements, fertilizers.

Class 2

Mainly paints like white wash, thinners, thicker for paints; varnishes, lacquers; colorants  like dyes, Inks for printing, ink cartridges filled, for printers and photocopiers;  preparations used for protection against corrosion (deterioration) like anti rust oil.

Class 3

Mainly cosmetics like lipsticks, eyebrow pencils, make-up kit, hair lotions;  perfumery like deodorants, air fragrancing preparations; cleaning, bleaching  preparations and other substances for laundry use like soap, shampoos, essential oils like hair oils.

Class 4

Mainly industrial oils like motor oil, textile oil, oils for paints, diesel oil, gas oil, lubricants like greases; fuels like petrol, kerosene, coal, Wood for use as fuel; illuminants like candles and wicks for lighting; wetting and binding compositions.

Class 5

Mainly pharmaceuticals, medical and veterinary preparations sanitary preparation for medical purposes; dietetic food and substances adapted for medical or veterinary use, food for babies;  medicated shampoos, soaps, lotions; dietary supplements for human beings and animals.

Class 6

Mainly common metals and simple products made from common metals; building materials of metal; non-electric cables and wires of common metal; metal pipes and tubes; small items of metal hardware like bolts, screws, nails,  door stopper of metal.

Class 7

Mainly machines and machine tools like machines for cutting, welding, drilling, sewing;  vacuum cleaners; motors and engines (except for land vehicles) like pumps; agricultural implements (other than hand-operated); automatic vending machines.

Class 8

Mainly hand-operated tools for agriculture, gardening, landscaping carpentry like hammers, cutting tools; agricultural implements hand operated; cutlery like spoons, forks; razors, scissor, side arms, screw drivers; hand-operated pumps.

Class 9

Mainly apparatus and instruments  for scientific, photographic, cinematographic, optical, measuring, testing, life-saving teaching, signaling, regulating and controlling electricity, recording, transmission or reproduction of sound; computers (hardware and software); data processing machines.

Class 10

Mainly medical, surgical, dental apparatus and instruments like artificial limbs, eyes and teeth; blood testing apparatus, feeding bottles; beds specially made for medical purpose; orthopedic articles; suture materials.

Class 11

Mainly lighting, heating, cooling, steam generating, cooking, drying, ventilating, water supply and sanitary apparatus and instruments like fans, bulbs,  lamps (electric lamps, laboratory lamps, street lamps); gas burners; chimneys; freezers; water purifying apparatus (all being not for medical purpose).

Class 12

Mainly vehicles and apparatus for the transport of people or goods by land, air or water; motors and engines for land vehicles; seat & seat covers for vehicles; parts of vehicles, like bumpers, vehicle dashboards, windscreens, steering wheels,  tyre for vehicle wheels, rear view mirrors.

Class 13

Mainly explosives, firearms; ammunition; firecrackers; fireworks; sprays for personal defense purposes; weapons.

Class 14

Mainly precious metals and goods in precious metals; precious and semi-precious stones; jewelery including imitation jewelery like cuff links, tie pins, tie clips; key rings, key chains and charms, jewellery boxes; clocks and watches.

Class 15

Mainly musical instruments their parts and their accessories like pianos, flutes, guitars, harmoniums, trumpets, violins, barrel organs,  musical boxes, musical stands.

Class 16

Mainly paper & printed matter like bill books, magazines, newspaper;  photographs, printed promotional materials (visiting cards, brochures, pamphlets), stationery and office requisites, instructional and teaching materials.

Class 17

Mainly plastics; rubber and products made from these materials; packing, stopping and insulating materials; pipes & tubes of plastic and rubber.

Class 18

Mainly leather and leather goods; imitation of leather; traveling bags, sling bags for carrying infants, umbrellas, walking stick, pocket wallets, purses.

Class 19

Mainly non metallic building materials like bricks, cement,  plaster, stone, sand, clay, granite, marble, roofing not of metal; plywood, building glasses; non metallic pipes for buildings; monuments not of metal, (statuettes made of cement or concrete).

Class 20

Mainly furniture like cupboard, display stand, computer trolley, sofas, table, office furniture, doors for furniture; mirrors, picture frames;  wood & substitutes of plastic; mattresses; pillows & bedding except linen.

Class 21

Mainly household or kitchen utensils and containers like drinking glasses, bottles, cooking pots and pans, non-electric kettles, pressure cookers; buckets, dishes, dustbins; articles for cleaning purposes; combs and sponges; tablemats made of plastic, metal, rubber, leather.

Class 22

Mainly ropes, strings, nets, tents; padding, cushioning & stuffing materials (except of paper, cardboard, rubber or plastics); raw fibrous textile materials and substitutes therefor like raw cotton; sacks for the transport and storage of materials in bulk like jute bags.

Class 23

Mainly yarns and threads for textile use like fiberglass, elastic, rubber and plastic threads for textile use, sewing thread and yarn, jute thread and yarn.

Class 24

Mainly textiles and textiles covers for household use like bedspreads, pillow covers, bed blankets, covers for cushions, furniture coverings of textile, table napkins of textile, labels of textile, cotton fabrics.

Class 25

Mainly clothing (ready-made garments) like shirts, trousers, sarees, tee-shirts,  uniforms, parts of clothing, jacket, caps; clothing for gymnastics; footwear like shoes, boots, boots for sports; headwear like caps, hats, turbans.

Class 26

Mainly dressmakers articles like embroidery, laces, buttons, hooks, pins and needles, sewing kits; small decorative articles to beautify a variety of objects like artificial flowers, artificial garlands, bows for hair, wigs, ribbons,hair bands, hair nets.

Class 27

Mainly materials for covering existing floors like carpets, rugs, mats,  linoleum door mats, wall hangings not of textile, wallpaper, wall coverings.

Class 28

Mainly games, toys and playthings, video game apparatus, sports equipment like board games, dolls, chessboards, playing cards, video games; novelty toys like carnival masks, paper party hats, confetti, party poppers; decorations for christmas trees.

Class 29

Mainly preserved, frozen, dried, cooked preparations made from fruits and vegetables like potato chips, jellies, fruit salad, vegetable salads; milk and milk products like butter, ghee, curd, milk shakes. meat & meat extracts, eggs; edible oil.

Class 30

Mainly flour and preparations made from cereals; accessories intended to improve flavor of food like spices, salt; cakes and confectionery, like bread, pastries, chocolate ice cream, honey and sweets; snack food (rice, cereal based, like oat flakes, corn chips, pizza, pies, sandwiches.

Class 31

Mainly live animals and plants as well as foodstuff for animals like unprocessed cereals, grains and seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables,  natural plants and flowers, live animals, live poultry,  meal for animals, cattle feed, hay.

Class 32

Mainly non-alcoholic beverages, mineral and aerated water, fruit beverages and fruit juices, syrups and other non alcoholic preparations for making beverages like soft drinks, energy drinks,protein-enriched sports beverages; beers and beer-based cocktails.

Class 33

Mainly alcoholic beverages except beers, alcoholic preparations for making beverages like wines, whisky, vodka, brandy, rum, gin.

Class 34

Mainly tobacco, snuff, articles used for smoking like cigarettes and cigars; tobacco and tobacco substitutes, certain accessories and containers related to the use of tobacco and articles for smoking like lighters for smoking, ashtrays for smokers.

Class 35

Mainly advertising, marketing, business management business consultancy, services provided by retail stores, wholesale outlets, import export agency services; online advertising services; presentation of goods on communication media, for retail purposes; personnel recruitment services.

Class 36

Mainly services rendered in financial and monetary affairs like banking, loan, money transfer, investment of mutual funds, capital investment,  safe deposits; online banking; charitable fund raising; services rendered in relation to insurance; real estate affairs.

Class 37

Mainly construction services, like construction of buildings, roads, bridges; repair and installation services like painting, plumbing, pest control services; maintenance and repair of pumps, motor vehicle, telephone, security locks;  pest control services; laundering services, installation of doors and windows.

Class 38

Mainly telecommunication services which allows one person to talk to another, transmit messages from one person to another like communications by telephone, cellular phones, telegrams, radio; electronic mail; news agency, wireless broadcasting.

Class 39

Mainly services for transport, packaging and storage of goods, travel arrangements; travel reservation; car rental & car parking services, freight forwarding; marine transport; railway transport.

Class 40

Mainly service for treatment of materials like cutting and polishing of diamonds,  tailoring, printing, bookbinding, metal coating, welding and dyeing services; photographic film development; refining services.

Class 41

Mainly services for providing education, training, entertainment; sporting and cultural activities; organizing shows and exhibitions for educational or entertainment purposes; health club services, conducting fitness services

Class 42

Mainly scientific and technological services; industrial research; design and development services like development of computer platforms,  dress designing; interior design; architectural services, surveying, information technology [IT] consultancy.

Class 43

Mainly services for providing food and drink like hotels, restaurant, canteen services  cafeteria, catering;   providing temporary accommodation like boarding house services, hotel reservations, rental of meeting rooms.

Class 44

Mainly providing medical services, like hospital services, health counseling and pharmacy advice; hygienic and beauty care services for human beings or animals like beauty salon services, animal grooming, gardening services, flower arranging, tattooing services.

Class 45

Mainly legal services; security services; personal and social services rendered by others to meet the needs of individual like matrimonial services,  legal advocacy services, baby sitting, guard services, astrology consultancy.

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