Amazon is an awesome brand that signifies creativity, innovation and consumer delight. It carries the passion for what they are and what they believe to do. What is it that attracted you when you first witnessed this modest logo? Of course, the orange colored curved arrow. But is it just an arrow? The hidden messages in the logo have always been awaited to decipher. Early days of seeing this logo, I thought it is a smile! But I was not right, to my surprise I realized on this way that the arrow is to represent that sells everything from A to Z. Wow! thats awesome, isn’t it? Amazon isn’t just smiling, it is reminding that it sells anything; from A to Z. 

Amazon_Founder                                                                                                   Amazon Headquarters




Jeffrey P. Bezos, the founder



 Jeffrey Preston Bezos is an investor and a business icon of America. As a CEO and founder of Amazon, he played a key-role for the e-commerce growth in the world. Under his guidance, Amazon has spread its wings on the World Wide Web. It was the time when he was making a cross country drive from New York to Seattle, on his way he had written the business plan for Amazon. He identified the rapid growth in internet usage spreading beyond boundaries, and started Amazon in 1994.He opened his company from his garage. The early online player, Amazon is headquartered at Seattle, Washington.

Amazon_Oliginal Website


< the 1st look of


“As the first e-commerce website, where did you get the funds to start your dream project?” An interviewer asked the founder once. Jeffrey’s answer was a revelation of some cool facts; “The first start-up capital for came from my parents, they invested a large part of their life-savings in my start-up that became That was a very bold and trusting thing for them to do because they didn’t know What’s the Internet all about?” 

The incredible brand history:

The firm was founded in 1994 by Jeffrey P. Bezos, and it spread its wings online during 1995 with the name called Cadabra Inc. Many people who heard the name for first time mistook the name as ‘Cadaver’ which means dead human body. In no time, Jeffrey changed the company’s name to Amazon, with the obvious reason, that ‘Amazon’ is originally the world’s widest river. Also a name starting with the alphabet ‘A’ would come up first in the search bar was another good reason why his online store got the name ‘’. The founder who had started pronounced their online entity as “World’s Biggest Bookstore” was granted with a patent in 1999 called ‘One-Click-buying’ for the technique it invented to allow the customers to purchase online with a single click. Through this patented process, an online consumer on can use one-click to use the predefined credit card details and address of delivery to purchase one or more items.  gave license of ‘One-Click-buying’ to Apple Inc. for use on its online store. also owns ‘One-Click’ as a trademark. 



Amazon_FirstLogoThe first published logo of figures a mountain shaped ‘A ‘ with a powerful stream of water which depicts the Amazon river. At the bottom, the domain name of the virtual brand ‘’ had been prominently placed.




Amazon_BrieflyUSed_Logo_1998In 1998, had introduced a new logo with a highlight to the letter ‘O’ which depicts the globe and the global reach of through internet. 

Amazon_Logo_1998However, that logo was sparingly used for a very short span of time and was replaced with a more prominent brand presentation with bold amazon having a head line ‘Books, Music & More” 

1998: The changed looks 

Amazon_Early1998_AmazonWebsite In 1998, the firm started to expand. Along with books, a music section was added to the website for the music lovers across the world to buy their favorite numbers. The new website also had another ambition to please the eyes.


  1999: Modernization of the portal

Amazon_1999_AmazonWebsiteDuring 1999, the online presentation of the website underwent a massive improvisation in it’s features and design. Security for the online transactions took a great importance in the website architecture. 

2000: has grown huge from a simple online book-store to the widest range of products that includes everything. Absorbing this gigantic business growth,  during the year 2000, witnessed a great twist in the logo. The very domain name, the most important intellectual property in the online business, “amazon”, has been made as most prominent. There is an orange arrow below the brand name starts from A and end till Z in the logo of Creatively it said, “a customer can find anything from A to Z at Amazon”. The curved arrow visualizes a Smile that the website customers of will have a pleasant experience by shopping online. The black color used for the alphabets represent dominance and elegance while the orange color of the arrow represents pride and happiness. A high-five to the logo designer!

Today is the world’s largest billion dollar firm. Amazon sells millions of products to the millions all across the world. From books to music to movies, from roses to refrigerators, from a chocolate bar to a chocolate machine, you get anything and everything that’s for sale under the sun! It has burgeoned over the years and had been playing smart all along during it’s journey. The brand and it’s meaningful logo is a major factor for Amazon’s online success.

The uniqueness of the motif really left a smile on everybody’s face. At the first sight, it is recognized by everyone across the globe. Amazon today, is the first option, if you are planning to buy a gift , electronics, books, cloths, anything and everything from the boarder-less market-place. The logo has accomplished the success story of creating a prodigious brand empire. Irrespective of what one is looking for, you will find Amazon for sure, as the huge e-commerce portal in the world of internet.

P.S: By the way, wishes you with a big smile, “Happy Shopping!” 

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