IBM: a logo dedicated to equal sign(=)

 International Business Machines Corporation, better known as IBM, is the American multinational technology and consulting corporation and has a very famous logo. The logo is written in blue with 8 crossbars making up the name IBM. There is a hidden

Hotmail: Still hot?

 You’ve got HoTMaiL, the HTML! Hotmail was one of the first webmail services on the internet. The only rival for its services was ‘RocketMail’, that later on transformed as ‘Yahoo! Mail’. Way back in 1996, Hotmail was launched by Sabeer Bhatia

“Google”: Is it all by a spelling mistake?

 The greatest asset of Google is its mutating logo! What? Why? How? Where? When? Don’t know the answer for a question on your mind? Google it! Google has become the air we breathe in search of information. It is the

The secret arrow that flies the FedEx forward

 It isn’t about what is THERE! It is about what you SEE!  It is about the FedEx logo we are talking about, the vibrant legendary logo! Last day I was waiting for my courier through FedEx. Once I received it, I was

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